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A Special Page Just For You From Me


I thought that I would put up a special page just for you. Not for anyone else to see, but for you.

If you miss me by e-mail, or just miss me, you can find me here. If you want a break from me, but just want to see my name, you will find me here. If you need more of me, you will find me here.

I will see if I can find things on this 'net that make just you happy. We seem to live on the 'net right now, but I really don' will find me in your heart now, like you are in, Cessie




------ TIME OUT ------

While I am gone, meet ELIZA an old friend of mine for the last thirty years, who would love to chat with you. She might even tell you something about some of the other work I do with bots and searches. Well, probably not, she is more into talking about herself and you.


Some Tennessee Links


Here is a picture of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club. I always enjoyed the beautiful days in St. Pete. The local paper was given away free if there was a completely overcast day. I think I remember something about them giving out free papers for three days in over ten years. Here is a little something about The Pier. And, some other places that look like fun, like Sailor Wharf. I always enjoyed Busch Gardens, in nearby Tampa. Past history.


Sailing Older Cal Yachts homepage


Photo Tour of Hawaii

The Islands: Links to Islands all over the World

Wolcott Arms




Great Outdoors Recreation Pages

The Dragoncairn

Never Boring Days!

Looking for the Albatross

Links You Can Share

Sailing Links

Yacht Clubs and Races

Boats and Equipment For Sale

Yacht Transport Services & Information

Some Music

Holding Hands

Declaration of Independence - The Signers

Oliver Wolcott

Descendants of Simon Wolcott, fourth son of Henry Wolcott of Windsor CT

Love and Contentment

East Meets West: Another Kind of Loving ???
NAH! Try This Site Instead !!! ... LOL
Outdoor Sex Etiquette


The Blender of Love

Take Time To Smell The Jackson & Perkins Roses




Some Other Websites of Mine

Jay Keeler Wolcott

It may take you some time before you realize that I know your name. Then you can look up some of the things that I know about your heritage. I haven't put them all here...just a few for your enjoyment (at least, I enjoyed them):

Keeler Archives

The Long Boats



Do I keep you confused on the e-mails? Well here are some of the main ones. See if this helps having a list somewhere.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You need to chat with me today, this week, soon ... use this addy.

This was used for family and friends; and heavily for military until I got the McGilla nicks. Some have never quit using it no matter what I beg.

I had a brief time of several months when WebTV had a major system glitch and deleted my account the day before Charlie was killed ... and they would not let me have my addys, addresses, etc. They did give me another account right away that I used the nick "princessie" on for a short time. Kept me in contact with Walsh and the guys about Charlie's death; and they took care of getting in touch with all the guys from the addys I had previously given them. That was the beginning of a great group of Marines working together before they became an association.
(used to have home page on Talk City on Gallery Dr/cessie and two chat rooms) (one of my oldest nicks still in use on Talk City) (another for extra correspondence
DRAGONHAIME - The Poets' Refuge
there is more than one Dragonhaime site:
one is a reviews site from webspawners (don't use this at this time) (no longer used) (for chatters who still insist on calling me "mint") (most often used for Blenderites) (usually not used now) (messages for Rennie and Bigfoot messages come here)
(I had signed-up and used to have a home page and two chat rooms under this at Talk City before their big change over...then they gave my nick to someone else...go figure?) So I am now WINDFALL1 there.
(used to have home page and chat room under this at Talk City) (another one to take in works from writers who flood me at times)

usmcsgtmcgilla home page
US_Navy_Docs Home Page
US Navy Signalman Home Page
(used to use this nick most often at Talk City)
DRAGONHAIME - The Poets' Refuge
Holding Hands On Life's Beaches(old MIA nick was deleted and lost the angelfire site, Holding Hands, as a result from not getting it transferred over for sure)
Website and BAHWOLF installments fill this one
Yours TruLeigh And Friends
Originally set this one up for Cessie and Jay to use together on the WINDFALL SAILS site and guestbook. (not used now) (Rennie Lorca)
... something amazing keeps me from being a wretch ...
(gets heavy use because folks can remember it)