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By Maggie Mink

Date: 1 September 1999 -- June 2000


Original verse appeared in
Kirk Israel's Blender of Love
(revised here) Maggie Mink 7-2000


( ... mumbling ... bumbling ... muttering ... stuttering ... confused, but not abused ... what if? ... so what? ... and so it goes ... and so is love .................... always questioning .... )

If we are so in love together, 
each so alone standing here ...
so intent, seeing that stone drop,

both wondering at the prize
we did not just snatch --

watching aching hearts disappear
out of sight; fearing some ancient curse
before we both turn and run!

if our hearts are truly beating,
excited at coming to this stone --
why, oh then why in romancing
should we run from here alone!

~~~~~~~~~~ If we are so in love together,
why do we blankly stare apart
at some prize only good
when shared together ... forever

If we continue in "if" for romance
standing stones with hearts unopened,
our chances of ever truly loving
don't stand a chance ... however

~~~~~~~~~~ If intent and intentions
are the only real keys to our heart;
with these mindful inventions,
'tis sad missing skipped beats on our part.

Then run ... go away ... escape ...
don't chance awry with your feelings:
leave without touch, sound, taste,
the tears or stings of emotional scarring.

Don't chance to feel the chill
of one whose heart is or was;
or "seems" must be stilled and
turned cold from romancing to stone.


Difficult performance piece about the concept of marriage or commitment or even how the mind views love ... maybe we should just trust the heart to take over at some point.

I am not satisified here and will probably be revising numerous more times over the years ... but here I am, fool enough to toss it out once more.