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Yours    TruLeigh    And    Friends


---thanks to our worldwide friendships---

We all view life from many different angles...all of them best seen and enjoyed with our friends....Rennie Lorca

Stay tuned for the soon-to-be sailing TruLeigh ... she had a close brush with being the other side of the grass ... but now the trip is once again on!

You often ask me what I am reading: Some interesting reading from Cadmus-Editions and Archer Books like the Santoka and Fasanaro's books. Also, an old favorite collection compiled by Marjorie Barrows called Treasures of Love & Inspiration. Tennessee Tales by Hugh F. Walker. Another enjoyable book of wisdom called Moving Forward, Keeping Still from Ariel Books. An old Boston Publishing Company book called A Collision of Cultures and one called Furniture of the World by Peter Philp have me cracking the covers from time to time. I am enjoying reading a number of works on-line by new writers and poets in INSPIRATION and more inspiration ... some others at The Blender of Love; or, Dragonhaime. Also, The SIMPLE SOULMATE, trying it again. I have many magazines getting my attention like Latitudes & Attitudes. I told you I enjoy a real mix! There are many more, but this is enough for now. Gotta jet, I just noticed the newest Real Goods Catalog

Please check out Anne's HomePage and links

She is truly an inspiration by sharing a wealth of helpful information we all need for ourselves or others at one time or another

And, her VCRPurple HomePage

For a smile and enjoyment, try NetInspiration


YESTERDAY'S MEMORIAL by Kristopher Norris

***Greg, congrats on your new CD!***

One of my favorites - The Crying Piano

IZUMI Is A Rare Treat...Don't Miss!
From FORGOTTEN SAGA: Dream Dust & Alone...more! Hard to find samples onlines to show you just how good his work is, so try it yourself sometime.

Sweet Sorrow -- Hirotaka Izumi -- awesome in orchestral version, if you can find it. here.
More piano favorites here like The Piano (The Heart ...) and Like Water for Chocolate ... and more
You will become an instant fan of Robert Lindsey on his Classical Midi Page. My favorite: his "Pavane for a Dead Princess" composed by Maurice Ravel.
I burned-out for some reason and got rid of my piano and guitar long ago. However, I happen to like the artists mentioned above, enough that I went out and bought a Yamaha keyboard to play along. First time I had a desire to do that in too many years. So yes, I really do like them. Listen, and you will, too!

See our Sailing Links Page for information on such things as the Bark Endeavour...come travel the is possible. Nothing is beyond you if you really want to reach for it!


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