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dawn broke over distant hills
as i slow awoke
to the sounds of your sleep
startled and happy
first of feelings were
followed by nervousness and fear
two emotions i choose not to show
any other time you are near
for yes i fear for our future
and past choices made
how they may effect
this our time together
memories and thoughts
bubble now in my head
and bring a low laugh
for this is where i love u best
here where i can
watch over your sleep


as i walk along these crowded streets
seeing people hurry in every day life
seeming not to see each other as they pass
running on their narrow ways
this is not an evil jus the way we live
though how Much nicer if one could pause
and offer something grand to each who pass
to have it accepted an equal grace
maybe then would people start to stroll
possibly enjoy the ones they meet
see the world as a different place
smile more often with this slower pace
and decide for once that's life is not to bad
on this crowded world we live
wouldn't it be nice if this was to be
but this is what we call dreams
though some can become reality


welcome to my fantasy where
all the realm is dream
the walls of thought dim and few
as we rest by a trickling stream
over in distance vast
are realms of strife and stress
but over here in my quiet lair
i take my meals with seasoned sense
as we pass our time together
i sprinkle a little here and there
to add some spice to a dull repast
is the most i can hope to fare
for drink? a mind of sparkling wit
of most rare vintage one so tart yet sweet
and that would truly be a dream
to sit and sip from depths of thine

jackryhme 2000