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Skip's kennel sits right behind where Fortner made our picture. You can still see the stump of the purple plum tree that had been in bloom over our heads. There is a little birdfeeder that hangs center inside of Skip's kennel from one of two little mulberry trees. His doghouse sits between the two mulberry trees, and the peach tree is behind his kennel. His Kennel backs up to the western cedar privacy fence, and I can easily see him from the couch windows from inside the trailer, and from the driveway when I leave or enter the front gate. The second photo is taken from his kennel gate back toward the shop loading dock. You can see where I removed two sections of fence to be able to back the truck up to the loading dock. A storm blew one section down and snapped the fence post, so I have anchored that to the electric post that is used to run line to the trailer. The other section of fence is now on the back side of the shop where the metal garage door was. I am rebuilding that so that it will hook on the building and on the single post with the pieces of fencing I had left over from other areas of the lot. I've rolled the large section of chainlink fencing over that direction. The area behind the trailer is my next outside project. I will also be cleaning up the white WWII aluminium container and painting it soon to use to store electric handtools. I'll do the same with the two aluminiun truck boxes that are inside the shop...weatherproof, and I can put locks on them and keep painted with the metal desks and cabinets--cleaner.