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The Albatross spread her wings to leave,
in strong determination; lifted from deck,
then lightly touched a foot back down.
And, only too briefly, in flashdream,
human form took shape, became the vision,
glowing skin, long, shining hair, fragrance.
An image of love, loveliness and desire,
he had only longed to imagine and love.

You saw him reach with such yearning --
but waves still clashed, promising the deep.
He knew the perils, not to take the helm,
or, not to touch her at last.
She gazed out at all the world left to see.
Then turned loving eyes to her captain --
him patient, with arms outstretched,
promising her more than the world.

Rennie Lorca 1999

LORCA - additional verses (more Albatross)

This is a work in progress or regress