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A Realistic Invitation To Talk To Me

dangling in the elements, this talker
that has given you joy and pain
  you think in memories, such fodder 
    wondering what it is to live again

you think of father come back mother and more and the drain life without rickrack or tack and livng so much more plain

you stroke images of this force that gave you nothing in vain you think back on every course and what it is you had to gain

life lived short of good reason if not in your first plan or game with love and its fertile season has left your poor heart lame

in time you think fondly of hell or of a heaven ... you know fame and she's treated you quite well better than the poor guy or dame

into whose sugared charms you fell take those reins back with no shame see what this life still has to sell come sit with me, tell me your name.

TruLeigh Eternell 1966 - 2001


Rhyme or Free Verse, short or long, we'll have some fun. Serious, witty, sad, romantic, we just enjoy verses. Come on, it is "incorrect" all over the place. Fix it, or let it goad you into writing something better ... or, something else. :)

A Poetry Exercise: play with it, rework, rewrite it, critique it ad infinitum. Humor me. Go exercise your wit and pen.