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WINDFALL PARK WEBSITE A cairn of sites full of links

DRAGONHAIME - The Poets' Refuge A site with links on ancient to modern-day poets

Calliopeia's Prose & Poetry Garden See her writing, students' writings & editing page, and a literature resource links page. She also has a free editing service (see requirements)

Wall of Words Brand-new site. Go enjoy. Writing and links, expanding......

All About Picaloo Enjoy Picaloo's information and stories!

Dragonhaime Reviews

Poetry Today Online
The Poetic Voice Posting Forum
Poetry Today Online One of these should be correct and working

Brian A. Hopkins (BAHWOLF) Personal information, books, poetry, on-line works, nominations

Site from Aunt Net - Lynette Stark



reghar, Lord_Kharas

Odin_LeVey, starlightwyrm and says please stay in contact

marbeth Mary Beth

Sassiefrass from ArtCity Check out some of her on-line classes

lex2000 - Alex a young friend from Talk City
Alex is into Star Wars and comics
Alex and I get some cute jokes and URLs from him from time to time

leaneansidhe or cordilita cordy (I also got this with "streefaerie" - new site)


Marcia's Whittlins 'n Wood
Joe's Sailing Page (CabinBoy)

desertartist from ArtCity

2/3/3 Vietnam Era Association Tom Walsh keeping me updated here.

deevaa's home page See her artwork and poetry

Hired_Pun Come see a talented poet. See if you can get him to do his poem..."Breathe" for you on Talk City

Ms_Demeanour See her work..."HUSH!
artdog from ArtCity, and Love Blender ... see artgeek's link from artdog's site ... both exceptional sites!

Owlpen Owlpen Manor Estate and Owlpen Valley - bed and breakfast in the UK

judon's site
Washington Post: Style Live: Poetry E-Slam
See more of judon's work here (D. Smalley):
Round 1 - Poetry E-Slam
Round 2 -Poetry E-Slam

jimetattooist home page Great page and genealogy links

SAILTAMPA Go enjoy a more simple way of enjoying life with Captain Herman Bips III ... enjoy the wind, water, and sociable folks.



Six Basic Punctuation Rules
Grammar Helper
Book Review Grading Criteria
Proper Grammar
A Guide to Proper Grammar
Glossary of Poetic Terms
Semantic Rhyming Dictionary (Online)
A Rhyming Dictionary for Poetry and Songwriting

WIND Magazine
Literal Latte Magazine

Pulitzer Prize Winner Nat Caldwell Gone, but not forgotten

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