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I'll try to get the picture of your loaded here soon IF I can manage it ... Gloria, it comes out too dark each time so far

by Jerry Tallmer (Nov. 8, 1965)

GRETA GARBO and Other Games

How'd you like to sit 10 feet from Greta Garbo in a church loft and hear her tell you, mournfully, exquisitely: "No more war, I fixed all that." I mean Garbo in the flesh.

The same and many other pleasures are available tonight and next Friday - Monday and perhaps several further weekends at the Judson Poet's Theater, 55 Washington Sq. S., where once again the talent is high, the ideas new, the work inspirited with joyous irreverence.

Miss Garbo appears in astonishing imitation---no, duplication---by Gloria Pages as heroine of a strange play, or subway ride, by J. Roy Sullivan, not illogically entitled "The Private Potato Patch of Greta Garbo." The premise of the piece is that the Great Actress is, or thinks she is, the only woman left alive in a world destroyed by rape and riot. Clothed as a man, in the rags of a dead Bowery bum, she rides the subway with other misfits psychic cripples, convinced that she must bring peace and light to all. "I see you know God too. A wonderful man." But to read it is not to hear it as Miss Pages croons it, spoons it, long in the throat and eyes aglow, Ninotchka enraptured by the mirror-image of Camille.

A lovely thing, better than the rather sophomoric drama it supports.


But there is energy in Mr. Sullivan's work and more energy yet in Alex Kemeny's 'You're as Old as Your Arteries," which rounds out the evening.

"Garbo" and "Arteries"

"The Private Potato Patch of Greta Garbo," by J. Roy Sullivan and "You/re as Old as Your Arteries," by Alex Kemeny, as presented Fridays-Mondays of at the Judson Poet's Theater, 55 Washington Square S. "Garbo" directed by Peter L. Feldman. Set by Allen Edward Klein, lighting by Marvin Gingold, music by Al Carmines, film by Phil Nimbock, sound by Lee Haring. The cast: Michael Eilas, Gloria Pages, Jerry Trichter, Rhea Gaisner.

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by Jerry Tallmer (Nov. 8, 1965)

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