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For this Work about the Professor
and his class on DANTE

I have read these verses by "glo-po," and enjoyed them more on each reading. I think they will enlighten, and probably intrigue others to read Dante. .... "glo-po" said, You had to be there ... but I can see the fun, the energy, the humor that she brought to this experience. And what a learning experience that it was! These next verses should serve to get some people to actually read the work by Dante. I would hope so. I intend to revisit when I have some extra time .... Rennie

There was this poem about Mandelbaum on the next page (never shown to him or the class).... "glo-po"

And, then the larger work on the following pages.
ENJOY! Read Dante, and then come back and see what a true delight "glo-po" has given us
.... Rennie

Well, at least I said maybe you had to BE there! (These WERE all phrases & allusions he made in class.) .... "glo-po"

Mandelbaun never really taught us La Divina Comedia, or to appreciate Dante. Rather, he was just focused on/obsessed with literary terminology, not DANTE. Hence, my spoof! .... "glo-po"

I don't see that my lines could or would inspire others to read Dante. The only invitational/inspirational line that could possibly whet one's interest in reading Dante's work is in the poem to Mandelbaum: reference to Dante's work as "dark white rose" (which we, the class, were unable to "unfold.") .... "glo-po"

Sometimes that is reason enough to go read, or be further inspired. The power of one word is often enough. We are all motivated by different catalysts. Your humor about Dante or a learned professor may be just the ticket to inspire someone to go read or write .... Rennie


Brooding unhatchable eggs upon the moon ....
and then
Through Purgatorio with
Professor Mandelbaum