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    Stopped writing poetry when I was about 19. Came out of "retirement" for a last poem when I was about 30 in a Dante class. None of us 12 students could follow/understand the professor. (He conducted the class in English (tho we were reading in Italian) so it wasn't language barrier...but after   each class ended. I could tell by all the shell-shocked & glazed faces (somehow we never spoke to one another; we just rushed out after the bell) what a state we were all in. We ALL couldn't have been halfwitted, but we hardly ever could make out what teacher was saying. So I decided to write this poem--to try to demonstrate what went on in that class (so maybe they could show it to their friends, etc. to explain what they were going through!) 
And, oh, did they appreciate that "poem"! I even gave a copy to the professor, but I doubt if it modified HIS teaching in future. 
So, as my Last Poem, I'll try to find it & send it along to you. I didn't make any of it up; the phrases all came out of HIM. Seems funny-ish now, but 
how we all were befuddled & despondent & half-crazed at the time! (The class even 
gave me a present at the end to show their gratitude & relief at my having showed some proof of what it was like in that class! 
Not a MEAN poem (against the prof), rarher light-hearted, as I recall. But after 
all this hoopla, I'm embarrassed to send it! Probably one had to have BEEN there 
(to appreciate its accuracy)! 
This talk of poetry (& my even entering that internet contest) brought
it to mind, I 
guess. 35 yrs. since I wrote it or read it; probably I'll hate it now, even be ashamed to send it. Maybe just for that time & place! Anyway...... G. 
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