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THE PATH (rough draft)

For such a long time in my life, I walked on a path of thorns and stones. One day I sat down to wrap some old rags around my bloody and torn feet. From out of nowhere, a very old and wrinkled man appeared before me.

He spoke, "My child, you know what you must do to leave this path of thorns and stones."

"I'm not sure," I said, "could you, would you help me please?"

He said, "If you are really sincere and want to change your life,"

"Yes, I said."

"give me your hand; but first, you must call on the one you have forsaken for so long, and whose name you have repeatedly taken in vain. Get down on your knees and bow your head and pray; pray with all your might and with everything inside your heart and soul. Very soon you will be on the path of soft sand and petals from the rose."

QUESTION: Are these your words of wisdom BELOW, or the old man's? Needs the paragraph breaks, but makes a difference in quotations marks. NONE of my edits are carved in stone. Suggestions, corrections and explanations are welcome. I think I caught all edits that any other traditional publisher might make. This is just to let YOU see what can be done. See another writer's pages I have e-published: gloDante Took months getting her online with major edits...and (smile/sigh) she was an English teacher of exceptionally gifted students. Also, I have no idea how your system reads the html (hypertext mark-up language--code) without asking how you view this. Mother HAD AOL and it gave her zip abilities to view websites. She's got Bellsouth and can view most anything with ease now. Some Apple folks also have problems.

In each person's life, they have a choice on which path they choose: the one strewn with thorn's and stones, or the one of soft sand and petals from the rose.

Which one you choose is up to you, for you have this choice and only you can decide for yourself. You can continue to follow others with their lies and deceit on the path of thorns and stones instead of the soft sand and petals from the rose.

Or, you can truly be happy and really enjoy life if you will just choose the right path and give your life to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. And when you do, your life will turn around and you will see others for what they really are: sick, weak, and scared, and in the same need as you.

For they, too, can turn their lives around and choose the right path, too. All they have to do is take one look at you, no longer on that path of thorns and stones; but now on the path of soft sand and petals from the rose.

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