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Granny told tales of mythology. Made us want, not just horses, but Pegasus. Teachers took us to great cities of ancient times, when history was so dim by time, it seemed tales right out of the fables. We tried to stay pure of heart to get to see a Unicorn, only to learn that there was now just a "last unicorn" hiding somewhere. What were the odds we would be the ones to get to see it? Every carpet might fly, every cave surely had a resident dragon; animals really could talk if they trusted you. Then you turned eight years old, and got a chance at the library with books about things that made it necessary for you to see how to locate sources for silver bullets. You stayed awake all night to see that the garlic necklace didn't fall off your neck. And Godzilla, well Godzilla had your utmost respect. Anything that could wipe out a city that fast was awesome, and worthy of fear. Then you made trips to the public library by yourself as you got a little older. There, you found books about new terrors and fantasies. Ireland had more than faeries and little people. Good grief! What on earth is a wampus cat? England had too many ghosts to even think about. Then there were dragons! All kinds of dragons! The sea had mermaids and sirens. Where could you be safe but under the covers? And, what did you do? You read more! You added spaceships, and aliens, and monsters of the deep. If that wasn't enough, you read about shapechangers and "the tingler"...Just couldn't quit, could you?


To You!---Yes, You!---Read!

If you have hit this page in error, and are not a fantasy fan, go back now! DO NOT LOOK at the links on the right-hand links list. Our apology to you if you have already been looking, it's addictive. No matter what your age, you will find something here to give you dreams or nightmares. You will find that you can't stop coming back after that. Did we forget to tell you about the spell you activated when you clicked on this link? Well, now that you are one of us. Enjoy!


Okay, We Warned You, Now


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Beast of the Night

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Thinking Out Loud






A Cyber Familiar


So, I've brought you Pandora's Box.

Do You want to open it again . . .

Or, just keep playing with the locks?

Rennie Lorca (9-27-98)


. . . .dealing with things called human always gave me I have decided to return to where I belong . . . with the wild things.




TruLeigh's   Dreams   &   Nightmares   Links

So what scares you? What makes you have the good dreams and the nightmares? Escape to a world of enjoyable fantasy here; or leave the nightlight, even the floodlights on all night with the science fiction links.

Magical, Mystical, Fantasy, Science Fiction ....

Mystical Creatures
Things that go bump . . . .
by Peter S. Beagle
Les licornes
The Unicorn Web Page
By Brian A. Hopkins
Highlander - The Official Site
The Series...Gathering...Catalog...Film
The Mother of ALL Highlander Links
You want have too much time on your hands.
Tennessee Renaissance Festival May 1998
A visit you will never forget, to another place in time. See the links.
Steven William Rimmer
Escape into fantasy with fiction by Rimmer.
Into the Unicorn Dream
A little about the Unicorn...
The Last Unicorn
More about the Unicorn....for our friends who like the Unicorn
The Internet Top 100 SF/Fantasy List
Tristrom Cooke's Top 100 List. Send in your votes.
Fantasy Finder
Reviews. Fantasy Links. Eternal Classics
Linkoping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
Verbose Index - Terse Index
Science Fiction Book Reviews by John Gerston
Museum Arrakeen - Eulogy For Frank Herbert
By Willis E. McNelly. Learn something about the "Dune" series author.
SF Central
Links - Articles - Reviews
Tangent Magazine
Commentary - Reviews
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror: Advice - Market News
The Market List
Writer's guidelines for science fiction, fantasy, horror.
The SFWA Bulletin
For writers and other interested folks.
Access author web pages. Resources. News.
MERLIN: A Mini Series on NBC in April
Information about the series. Good book information on site.
The Medieval Animated GIFs Homepage
Something for your own fantasy page.
Encyclopedia Mythica
Native American mythology.
Fairy Tale Links
You can never get enough, okay....
Amazon Books OnLine
Locating your favorite books just got easier.
Barnes and Noble Booksellers OnLine
Says that they are the largest booksellers online.
The Mystical Unicorn Used OnLine Bookstore
How I locate some older books I really want . . . with Lucie's help.
Dragon Falls, Myreth's Lair
Visit a secluded, poetic dragon.
The Lost Weyr
....and on to Kaijima Appleseed Stormrider...draconid, mage, and artist.
Night's Daughter
Artwork by Michael Whelan
"Night's Daughter" by Tanith Lee
No!...we haven't read it...the reviews alone kept us with one eye open for two straight nights!
Michael Whelan
Art this site for the artist who illustrates some of your favorite nightmare and fantasy tales.
Brian A. Hopkins
Hopkins knows where you live...and he will come and get you there...when you dare to read his work!
Second Sight in Gurps
Delve Deeper!
See the beautiful dragon fantasy gif
from Jean Liesy at Computer Services Unlimited
Lord Dunsany

Wishing all of you good dreams and happy thoughts during the day.