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The Dragoncairn from DRAGONHAIME A Collection of Poets and Other Writers ENJOY SOME ADDITIONAL POETIC WORKS IN DRAGONCAIRN Use Your BACK BUTTON To Return To The Authors' Index In This Section After Viewing Each Verse - Or Bookmark This Site Sorry that there are some links down on all these poets until a server is reactivated again on another site. That webmaster says that he will have it up again soon. Please check back for the verses you will not be able to access until then. There will always be some verses that are not available as each new month means verses were moved about on another site, and I must wait to get the new URLs to update here. As I have time, the verses are given a new URL on this site. But I would rather you see them where they were first posted or published.

Ali Cecilie Sonder (widow, Ali)  ~~ 
AnnLeigh Clair McGregor (young druidess) ~~ 
Elaine Loraine d'Orgain ('raine) ~~ 
Gib McRae Cairn (Gib aka gaelic Renny) ~~ 
LaReine Cessette  (Queenie) 
Maggie Mink (good ole gal) ~~ 
Maudelaine du Clair (quotable Maude) ~~ 
Mumsleigh Sinclair (Mums aka moms) ~~ 
TruLeigh Eternell (Urs aka Nell) ~~ 
Rennie Lorca (dubbed "erotic" or "evocative") ~~ 
Ullie Fitzhugh (grandma uah-lee)
Rennie's Captain ~~ 
Other Lesser-Known Poets or Some Great Poets in this section - Enjoy!
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INSPIRATION Also, try some inspirational verses from some poets who can create some magic here.
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