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. . . to bed

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By Truleigh 
Date: 11 January 1998 bed
...difficult choice 
to make tonight.... 

who makes my heart race 

by seeing nothing more 
than your name on a screen. 

Or, another, 
in an oft-filled e-mail box, 

who wants me . . . . 
go to bed. 

Let fate play this hand 
to go to bed. 

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By TruLeigh 
Date: 30 May 1998 
Wait . . . .
Good Love is worth Heartache But, Great Love is worth the Wait Your Heart will recognize the Right Gate
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By TruLeigh 
Date: 20 June 1998 
Words fail me -- emotions don't ... when others derail me -- you won't -- at least pretend you won't . . . until I get past words and feelings... and crawl into my shell, my own private hell -- complete with gates and locks, no boarding docks. needmore, needful, needless . . . a perfect plain -- weedless! of, "I love you . . ." and, "Yes, you do . . ." I could scream from it all, but what is the point?...your call . . . Sorry, truly regressing I fear -- There used to be a love song here!
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