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THE Captain and

Heard over the roar of crashing waves and salt spray

"Life's too short to imagine you mad at me,"
he muttered to himself.

"What?" was the faint reply.

"Life's too short," was his retort,
"to imagine you mad at me!"

"A front's moving in, so pardon my grin,
but your senses ain't gonna be all that's
typhoon reeling!"

"Grab on to that line, or sink in the brine.
Let's make sure we have later to talk about
your feelings!"

"Aye, Aye, My Captain! ... I LOVE YOU!"

"I love you, too, Precious," he sighed
only to the wind.

And only the wind sighed back to him.

          High above, only the Albatross
         listened to his sad song of love.

    I need you, my great sailor . . .
      without you,
        I only fly farther out to sea,
          searching for warm currents,
            looking for sustenance.
              Lacking true meaning in life,
                I see harmony below,
                  and a reason for direction . . . .

From the waves, Neptune raised his head,
he beckoned the brave sailor.
Chided him to come join the dead --
come down and meet the whaler.

She circled down from high above
    for their eyes to meet together.
        She saw his smile and felt his love
            as they threw each other a tether.

        Two hearts entwined from sky to sea,
          Still Neptune churned his weather.
        Time to find a port for thee . . . .
          She left a love-tossed feather.

Brave sailor, this great Captain knows
    that land, with this bird, to be found --
        Such freedom and trust you see he shows,
            he knows this bird can never be bound.

            ( ... and they both cried ... )
             Come looking for me, darling
                  Right now, I am just
             a heartbeat out in the elements!

Far across the horizon, he saw a welcomed sight,
the Albatross winged her way toward him in flight.
Of all the boats upon the ocean to hail her arrival,
Captain cared the most for her, and her survival.

And, truly this Captain had grown to know her flight,
    for she knew her range and her true might;
        to continue on, she must now alight.

* * * * and so ...

Behold this independent solitary spirit;
  un-nested, winging on near ceaseless flight
    o'er unchartered and uncertain kinder seas --
      leaving the horde clamoring at the shore.

Too solo, always gliding on a quest as mystical
  as the limitless sky above, or swells below
    that could sooner consume any beloved --
      much as the world would devise for any other.

Even so, this wandering heart carries feelings
aloft of romance, love, passion ... pain ...
pondering consequences of swapping aircurrents
for the reality of the waves or a captain's deck.

* * * * but still ...

        ( and now the tale from nevermore -- )
              One day --- far from shore
    eyes turned to sea, the Captain did stare ....
         Why was his Albatross in such despair?

* * * * and then ...

The Albatross spread her wings to leave,
in strong determination; lifted from deck,
then lightly touched a foot back down.
And, only too briefly, in flashdream,
human form took shape, became the vision.
Glowing skin, long shining hair, fragrance.
An image of love, loveliness and desire
he had only longed to imagine and crave.

You saw him reach with such yearning --
but waves still clashed, promising the deep.
He knew the perils, not to take the helm,
or worse, not to touch her at last.

She gazed out at all the world left to see.
    Then turned loving eyes to her Captain --
        him patient, with arms outstretched,
            promising her more than the world.

* * * * but still ...

She leaves, comes back, then points a way.
    Her Captain sets his course, grateful ever.
      And, she does something strange that day
        This Captain would often think of forever.

* * * * but why ...

Who knew why her flight turned out to sea
as the wind increased, great forces to be.
The Captain scanned the sky -- horizon bare!
He made ready for this hurricane with care.

Who knows what fate came of that bird ...
  for never again was she seen or heard.
    For Captain, a new guide may take her place.
      Another strong, pure, and blessed with grace.

Somehow, on the sea, you call off a search,
think back to those you have known and loved.
Quit looking, go below, say a prayer ........
Something those who haven't sailed can't fare.

 .... and after the tears, the earth still spins ....

* * * * and still ...

Captain's heart was heavy as
    he tried to sail out to forever;
        then sailed his boat back in
            still clutching that one feather.

* * * * but then ...

In port one day, he heard a voice call to him,
and ask to sail, ask could they go out together?
As she walked to him, held out her hand
and took back her feather.

1999-2002 Rennie Lorca and Rennie's Captain

Please enjoy, but be advised this is a work in progress or regress ..... Rennie and her Captain

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