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I listened to and now remember poignant memories of a survivor. No matter what I think I have seen in my life, I know that I have not experienced a fraction of what others have endured in the way of war, famine and terrible loss. The women of Hitler's wrath, and he hated more than just Jews, were faced with far more than I have ever even imagined ... and yet, some survived to tell their tales ... I did them the kindness of listening well ... I will always listen:

How a stitch in time saved nine long ago ...  

Today this simple mending chore 
  brought memories of tales from others
    I have listened to who knitted  
      in the cold to buy food to eat ... 

meager rations from refuse of 
  potato, beet, stale bread ...
    these starved hardworking mothers 
      ever grateful they weren't dead ...
creative stitches for survival as 
  hands labored to buy rotten cabbages; 
    life-bargaining with far-off gaze 
      while they dreamed of family and heat.

once young and vibrant women
  courted, wooed, wedded and bedded
    with flowers and candy and kisses, now
      memories locked in stitches to get fed.
"How a stitch in time saved nine long ago . . ." 
 Ali Cecilie Sonder June 2000


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