Dear Folks,

I am Sgt. McGilla aka Cessie Greer aka Rennie Lorca. I originally took the site that became "usmcsgtmcgilla" (linked at and other unofficial USMC websites) at:

to report on the upcoming first reunion the summer of 1997 for what later became the 2/3/3 Vietnam Era Association of Marines . after many years of searching for these men for my husband, Sgt. Charlie Greer, USMC Retired, now deceased. That association named its top award after him for their members who excelled during the year in endeavours for them.

My husband was killed in an explosion not long after that reunion, so I converted the site to an unofficial USMC information site for Marines who had always been so kind to me/us over the years as I searched for 2/3/3 and 3/3/3 Marines for my husband.

I became very ill with cancer that returned on me once again, and had surgery December of 1999. I went into chemo and radiation in early 2000. During that time, I was severely over-radiated and nearly lost my life. I was in the hospital(s) when Yahoo!GeoCities decided to change formats, and I was not able to go in and reapply for the usmcsgtmcgilla site, or u.s. navy docs - the corpsman, U.S. Navy Signalman, the original online sites for Fallen Warriors and Quest For Healing, and a number of other sites that I managed at the time at GeoCities.

While extremely grateful for the webspace, I could not get them to give me access back to the sites once they changed over even though many remained online in the old format. I continued to have medical difficulties, so this took up what energy I had. A number of wonderful Marines have encouraged me or even come to help me in my recovery. That is a true testament to the saying "Semper Fi" ... I owe my life to this.

I have decided to take an old site of mine that I used to pull together friends who are writers and also use it to rework the usmcsgtmcgilla site. It was an extensive site of links and information I gathered over many months of being bed-bound with illness. I felt the task too great to try rebuilding usmcsgtmcgilla on another site at Yahoo!GeoCities.

I had spent many months before my treatments with difficulties even attempting log-on, then no access and no response from them on getting me back in again over the past two years now. Their decision to make changes there once again has prompted me to give up the idea completely. I did decide to preserve what I had there.

Hopefully, I can rebuilt the information into something useful for Marines once again. Thanks for keeping me linked, staying in touch when you knew how, and encouraging me and others I care so much about with your own work.

Tripod has grown and been a good and steady host for years now. Nothing stays the same, but I feel the need to see if I can get the usmcsgtmcgilla information posted again. I have been asked about it often. My site at Tripod is Yours TruLeigh and Friends. I have taken down many pages there so that I can update and use the space for new work. I think it will be a good place for now to preserve what I have left of usmcsgtmcgilla.

I consider Marines some of my very best friends, so I will include usmcsgtmcgilla in this site now. I know that the job of updating is extensive, but I have decided to try it since Yahoo!GeoCities is taking down old sites as they change according to a recent news story I read. I hope that I am up to the task of reworking the site. What I have done is transfer the information over and will work to fix the html and broken links. I will also work to make it faster loading .. as I am able.

The old e-mail addys are no longer good for the site, and I don't care to add one to it at this point for folks to send me links and updates they find. But I will contact and surf and check links on the site asap. My internet e-mail for you to personally contact me is still I will use the url:

maybe a new url and domain in the future for this site if I am able. It has been a labor of love and nothing official or commercial ... extensive, but simple. I hope to make it something worthwhile once again since I had such positive feedback before. I feel it more timely and helpful considering Marines and their families needing more information and links to help than ever with our current events. Thanks for your encouragement in the past ...... Cessie / McGilla / Rennie

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