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From   Rennie   Lorca

As you can see,

I am thrilled


Rennie's Captain,

My Captain

is writing

poetic verse.

His prose

was lyrical

enough to

make me see

he had the

heart of

a real poet.


that has been

so well-received,

would have been

impossible in


realistic lines, or

technical input

without him.

Even writing it

was a




Rennie Lorca and Her Captain's Verses


"To me the sunsetsays it all -- very climatic -- ending a sequence of daily events and emotions with a never ending degree of variance with the changing colorsanddifferent clouds and structure -- a picture of time and splendor in motion --- ever reminding us totake each day with thanks and a reverence that we were able to witness the eventin each others arms. "

"May all your sunsets
be over water." .... Captain

Out-takes from THE ALBATROSS (archived at Blender)
Newer Version of The ALBATROSS
Trust And Sharing lines from our talks.


You know that I stick for the duration ...
even when you take your flyers, my albatross.


....and white sails at sea

reaching over the ocean
life is beginning

A real captain's verses...from my dear captain

An engineer/seadog/adventurer becomes a poet

white sails reaching
ore the blue sea
eye to mate's eye
a smile of content

life is beginning

the warm sand of the beach
my hand in hers
our eyes embracing
the sun bids us farewell

another day shared in love

Rennie's Captain 1998 - 1999

It is my hope you desire to write more poetic verse, whether or not you care to share it. For your lines, My Captain, I am forever grateful. However, I will be eternally satisfied that you chose to share these real feelings and special words. From both of us, I want to thank everyone for such sincere praise on The ALBATROSS. Thank you, My Captain, and all who read us kindly ....... Rennie Lorca