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turn the lights up or down ... get your feet off the floor and your heart in control for listening to some rustling or scratching sounds as you read ..... enjoy!

Outside The Room
AnnLeigh Clair McGregor November 2000

.... she backed into the hallway from the room. What was it she meant to go get? Or, maybe it was just that she needed to get out of the room. Something felt cool, damp, clingy ... ahhh, the overactive imagination since she was spending so much time alone.

Then she felt it, or thought she did. There was that slight butt to her toes. Then the feeling of a damp breath nearby. She felt light touches. No, that was just imagination again. No ... something almost damp. No, a cool breeze passing close to her fingers. Then the sensation of something sniffing and then exhaling ... damp. She made fists and backed up slightly. These old houses had drafts everywhere.

Then she felt ... this time she felt the cool, damp touch just brush her chin. Inhale ... exhale ... she thought she did, but found herself holding her breath. Her fists became fans in stroking the air to disprove what was trying to make her mind see. She flailed at the air around her. Poor thing was at once terrified of angering an entity and feeling so defenseless without some reality of form.

The mass of huffing and puffing and sniffing and touching began to take shape. She turned as if to flee down the hall to maybe more terrors sensed earlier and found herself kissed ... neck ... lips ... neck again by a form lifting her back to the bedroom.

She felt herself rise with movement. The steps! She tried breaking free. Actually set down and untouched for a second gave her thoughts of still escaping. She backed-up one, then two steps ... faster! She might make it yet! Make it? She realized she was headed in the direction she would have been carried. She collapsed at the thought deciding to be difficult no matter what her fate ... then terror from something vaguely familiar.

The touches were still gentle, lingering. Some felt like kisses. Neck ... forehead ... neck ... fingertips. She started to cry. Soft sobs. For the life of her, she didn't know why. Neck ... forehead ... neck ... fingertips ... and then what seemed to be a gentle hug and nothing more ...........

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