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Oh, This Morning!

I wanted to believe the world
out of tune, troubles unfurled.
I hurt and was sure it hurt, too.
Life without you, without you.

We only cling to what we know
no matter how life tries to show
us some other way, inspirations;
memories locked in declarations.

Then I heard a sweet bird sing,
spied a pretty flutterby on wing.
A shy dove mourned a coooo ...
all bringing thoughts of you.

Fish swirl in the busy pond
jogging memories once fond;
as nearby a dog gives voice,
and I remember a choice.

Storms and elements rage
and sunsets made us sage.
Oh, each element vivid only
now because I feel lonely.

Because we loved each other,
I consider life with another;
a testament to what we had,
proving again good over bad.

Life all around these ashes
memories without sashes;
each made poignant still
because we loved, we will.

Finding comfort with another,
companion, team mate, lover,
is the hope of all who dream
unless our dreams are mean.

Two by two we come together,
our dreams can be shared forever.
Bound by love and true devotion,
we put our lives back in motion.

What we thought was torn asunder
by life's trials and distant thunder;
wrecks and racks and imagination
can once again be family, a nation.

We need only to listen to birds sing,
flutterbys on wing, every little thing.
Love and laughter, hugs and kisses,
these are what a human misses.

So we try to put our lives together,
the longings we have had forever;
for love and happiness, our desires
are consumed or warmed by our fires.

Ali Cecilie Sonder November 1998