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CONGRATULATONS!    And    This    AWARD    To:

chinookwinds (chinook_winds, our dear "razzy")
literatzi's "pop-up princess" emeritus! and...
bugzboy (our expert in flyflitter critters, our aBugz)
literatzi's professor in what might be buggin' ya!

for their unflinching enthusiasm and ability to jump in and post their entries
to our second
Thanks for your active and lively participation in

The Tidepools Forum and Literatzi-Lite Chat

The "Fly" is in recognition of your chats and Tidepools posts
that gave us laughs, intellectual insights, and helpful hints
on how to ask for and get help when truly bugged.

Presentation of this award at Starbucks, or other famous/infamous
eatery, might get you a free cup of java, or at least a good laugh!
Or, in your honor, we'll dump a bucket of Stars on ya!
Please copy this award and display it proudly!