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Night's Creatures and Other's Spirits of Fear.

These didn't have names, overfilled a void.
Too soon, I learned a more profound fear,
in familiar with ones who seemed devoid;
reason enough never to let others near.

        This left me with a deep desire
        you seem to know it well
        Of adding my voice to those spirits
        that once upon did dwell.

        I want someone to know at the last,
        throughout posterity and choice,
        that I, too, had desires and dreams
        that in this world, I once had voice.

Cling here still, waiver there, banner unfurl;
pause to watch some of your foul scheming.
Sure what I need in this fine cruel world
begins with me, thus ends with some meaning.

Maggie Mink 2001

As the late, great Jim Croce said,
"I have a name . . . . "