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When we aren't so lofty we admit (editor!)
Sometimes complicated "literatzum" (typos?)
keep truths bound unused in texts - (footnotes?)
ideas that could be sooner grasped
in simple heartfelt phrases . . .
please go write them ad infinitum! (warn op-ed!)
however we joyfully complicate life
through wrecks and raises
(now where DID I put that asp?!)
'til we don't give a flip! (consider it edited!)
Like poor Emily D. was edited, you see
She knew what she wanted to say
without being nervous
Or rhyming to *%_@k@&! Terms of Service
(have I broken all the "rules" ... hehe)
GO WRITE! and "Have A Good Day!"

Rennie Lorca 2001


Enjoy the poetry of your life. It is something that should be fun, maybe memorable. It is a journey for both the reader and writer. Let the poet have their lifetime to work with their verses. Do them that kindness and you might have far more that inspires you or makes you think as they continue to write. The poet should realize that he/she does service to others with an image or a thought well-said.

Poetry does not make someone a saint. Nor should a poet be up for a hanging offense for a bad twist in a rhyme or free verse. Poetry is an exercise in mind and spirit. It takes some mind to create even tacky verse as the example above. Imagine it tossed on some editor's desk at deadline time. And it is an exercise in judgment as to whether or not a poet should toss something out for others to see.

I opt for tossing in before tossing out. I had been sitting on some extra poems for 30+ years before submitting them somewhere I thought a good forum. Imagine my surprise and delight at getting some recognition and awards. Should I have tried this sooner? Maybe, maybe not. The point is, they will not go to the grave with me. I shared. The feedback was worth the risk. The greatest reward for me is seeing another poet take my work and write something after being inspired by it.

An image painted on our mind's eye will do much for us in trial and jubilation. Each person has had a line stick in their mind from something they read. A favorite verse may change over a lifetime as a reader has the time to explore. It is that exploration that prompts me to post works by other poets in this section. I hope you are inspired or just enjoy them like I have. Thanks for visiting .... Rennie


It has been a long day ...
and the verse you saved may be your own ...
but not this one! LOL !!

Enjoy a little levity in life!

Rennie Lorca 2001