Here's to the land beyond the will,
The sands beneath the sea;
Here's to the goblet wine can't fill,
Where the rose blooms peaceably.

Here's to the flame that burns out there,
The toss of a distant tree,
The spill and spin of another world
In a distant galaxy.

I am a tiny person
With tiny fairy thoughts.
If you're a tiny person
Don't you want me as a friend ?

Take my love.
It dosn't mean
you have to
give me any.

I'm going to drop dead
I'll show them how they'll miss me;
"I love you" they never said
And they never wanted to kiss me!

Another midnight. dark pollen and no moon
Bare sky nor any stars.
The cat treads silently
And the cold wind,
The leafless trees
the true meaning of all this is,
however--and evidentally:
(: ?)

Where do you keep your silver oars
That silently push one along
The gushing streams

Oh Laughter,
How you mislead us,
How you uncreed us,
How you unsteed us
From our marble mares
Caught between the bridle.
Of grief
And the saddle of despair.


Suddenly honey and suddenly wine;
Music and dawn and eglantine.
Midnight and dusk and never more
The site where our weapons had stood before.

Winner? Loser?
--Rape her, confuse her.
Ride not the horse but break it;
If she will not give it, take it.
Dam the retreats and flood the banksl
Bruise her on your comet flanks.

If she hates, it is goodbye;
If she forgives, then you can tie
Her body to the trunk of you
To burn at leisure as your due.

Loving stranger and strange lover.
What seek you in a rose forlorn
Is it petals, is it fragrance,
Is it, rather not, the thorn? 

    If the petals, they have fallen.
    If the fragrance, it is spent; 
The bud somehow did miss its calling.
The blooming never underwent. 

Others not organically close
To its rosehood often err,
So it's up to the rose to say erose
And not a rose is Eros is Eros is Eros. 

His knowledge of her
     grew surer than hooves 
              of the goats on the crags

And cut him more deeply for that 
He tried to forget what he'd learned from her smile 
Or saw in the pulse of her eye;
This shallow, this fallow rotation of feeling
Touched not the remembrance of that. 

Selon ta longue visite, c'est decouvert
      dans ma cervelle, 
Autremenrt dur comme ce dragon de
Qui ____?___habite le monde au bout du
Fragments d'une logique jeune, effeminee Comme conceptions d'amant que le soleil 
Est canari chanteux
Et nuit le requin que nos coeurs, si 
                amoureux, desirent le mange 
NO NO NO YECH!! & the French isn't     "right." either! Was summoning the strength to erase it when I felt sorry for the POEM (again, that earnest 15-yr-old girl in French class, trying her best. Too pathetique, n'est-ce pas? (date at bottom of page says 1949!) So just put it on IGNORE, as they do in cr!

Knowledge her His of      grew surer than hooves               of goats the one crags the 
Cut deeply He forget him from And for he'd more tried learned that what to     smile her Now the in saw her of pulse eye; shallow This, rotation fallow this        of not Touched feeling of remembrance the that.  
According to your long visit, this is decouvert       dans my cervelle, hard Autremenrt as this dragon of               pierre That ____?___live the world to the end of the                               ciel, Fragments of a young logic, effeminee As conceptions of lover that the sun Is canari sings And harms the requin that our hearts, if   amoureux, desirent eat it 

Think I sent you this poem, no? But I'll send it AGAIN' no gain in that, but: another version:

Going crazy, mad as fleas,
A Venus clerk with none to tease.
Berserk, awry, my thoughts I fly
Like fairy kites
Into a falling sky. 

I promise not to show my face again till February 7. Five days peace for Rennie!!   Rennie, many, penny, jenny, ...mind is shuttin' down . At last......,, past, fast, mast, blast, cast, vast.. . . .   .     .     .     . .        .          .           . .        .            .           ,                  

all verses © GLORIA PAGES 2001

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