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chinook_winds (our dear "razzy")
literatzi's "pop-up princess" emeritus
for taking the reins and starting the
Xmas Spirit Word Challenge
in which razzy & Blueboy1Ply enthusiastically engaged

Comedywriter (a new forum member and former WC winner)
for using ALL the Word Challenge words in his
Founding Fathers & Old Ben Franklin entry.
Thanks for finding new ways to entertain all of us.

Gummmy_bear, a literatzi/lobby/lite member emeritus
for using both the regular Word Challenge words and the
Christmas words on the Word Challenge for her entries.
Your writing talent foretells of greatness on the rise.

Thanks are also in order for:
chinook_winds and Gummmy_bear
for the delightful additions to our
Fun Run Writing Exercise and the Once Upon A Time Exercise
(which are still ongoing)

Thanks for the spirit with which all have participated!
Awards from TIDEPOOLS Forum
for WRITING CHALLENGE #4 for December of 2006
Please copy this award and display it proudly!
Thanks for your active and lively participation in
The Tidepools Forum and Literatzi-Lite Chat