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The sun is hot and beating down,
Little Phil is nowhere around
He's drinking beer at the Gunny's place
He threw a beer in the EX-O's face.

Then one day the V.C. came
Where in hell is what's his name?
He's all crapped out and sound alseep
Just like all the Arty. sheep.

We need you now, Sir, please wake up.
Please hand me his coffee cup
Hot and black, two gallons drank
Good morning, Sir, and back he sank.

We finally got him on the scope
We had to hold him with a rope
Be brave, Sir, and make a wish
He said, 81's and Sgt. Fish.

I heard him say from afar
I wish I was on R & R
They're at the wire and coming fast
Be brave, Sir, 'cause this won't last

Finally came fire for effect
The Mess Hall tent was a total wreck
Three short rounds and all looked sad
They blew away the Gunny's pad

Four more came, we looked away
1st Platoon all died today
Go right 5 and come up 10
Went flying high was 30 men

They are on our side, Sir, cease fire
The V.C. jumped across the wire
Out of the smoke and on the run
Was Charlie Greer and his grease gun.

Out in the valley the children sing
The old folks talk and the bells do ring
How Charlie Greer saved Smitty's Hill
By putting 30 rounds in "Little Phil"

Sgt. Charlie Greer, USMC Retired 1966-2001
January 22, 1938 - September 15, 1997

3rd Purple Heart from action 3-23-67
Presented by Gen. Lewis Walt on the REPOSE
4th Marines, Hotel 2/3/3, attached with Scout/Snipers Foxtrot 2/3/3, India 3/3/3
Enlisted June 1956 - Retired 12-6-69

This poem actually came from a very close friendship
between an Arty F.O. and a grunt on
a place called Hill 65 / Smitty's Hill / Vietnam
home for a time for the Marines of 2/3/3