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Tennessee normally has four very predictable seasons, three of which are usually very nice. This has certainly not been a normal year. The extremes in weather have not been good for taking photos. Extreme temps and now heavy rains make a real difference in indoor shots in a garage. As soon as the sun's out again, I am making more photos of the 1923 Dodge Touring Sedan like I did for this page. These are just instamatics, but I juggled the lighting inside the shop to get the highlights on the doors and side of the Dodge. I've used a 35mm and special film years ago to make something look vintage, so this instamatic camera makes the amber tint and sepia come out naturally, kinda nice for a vintage auto. Instead of driving it outside in these weather and lighting extremes, I am going to use some colored tarps for a back-drop with the lowlight spotlights I have now, and that will give me better lighting to highlight the Dodge apart from the dark background inside the shop garage. I should get some much better shots this way. Check back often. Please have patience.. I'm sure short of it with what has turned out to already be a long hot summer.

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