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The photo is one from 2003 when the 1923 Dodge was delivered. Impressive and powerful engine. Awesome, in how strong the metal is in this vehicle. No wonder so many collectors have fallen in love with these cars. It deserves a good home with someone who has the time and effort to care for this Dodge.

Envision a car strong enough to tour with today. Nothing fragile about it. But, think about a car worth restoring to museum quality. Collectors have found that antiques appreciate, can be used as collateral, great for investment purposes. Real, you can touch it, polish it, admire it as we have.
It is a hard decision to decide to sell...not so hard when there are other things that vie for the same attention. Let me hear from you while I still think I should sell. Contact me before I change my mind again to keep it: AND check guestbook for webmaster contact info.

A 1923 DODGE?

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1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan

being driven off the delivery truck

Photo links: my 1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan

Historically significant, 1923 Dodge Touring Sedans were the beginning production year of the all-metal body sedans. This model year literally became the hallmark of new auto production with its introduction. Dodge Brothers created "dependability" in an automobile then; and this one is strong and reliable today.

One of the best investment hobbies today, you can own any antique or custom car, or one that is historically significant, such as this one. Pride in ownership also extends to social, support, forums, events and educational opportunities with car clubs such as the Dodge Brothers Club.

Sorry the 35mm camera wasn't dependable as the instant camera this day. This didn't dampen the excitement as the 1923 Dodge was driven off the delivery truck above. It has a running engine, extra professionally rebuilt engine with transmission, two hoods, extra rear-end, wheels and other parts...almost enough to buy another body and have a second vehicle. No part of this sedan has been significantly modified or rod customized, so that it might be a candidate for museum restoration.

We've found it difficult to find such a historical mechanical piece today, in working order, with so many extra parts. Another very important note is that this sedan also comes with a TITLE.

Original engine, extra parts, title...your own personal touch...what more could you ask for unless you find a restored museum piece? My partner's been a professional in the antiques restoration and custom welding business for many years, and says this doesn't happen often with anything of this age. All of this comes at a price....

If you are already a collector, you are aware of many online sites to help you put this car together. You may wish to market it to a museum, as we've looked, and haven't found this model restored for any advertised museum or avid and exacting collector so far. If you are new to the collecting urge, then you will find lots of help beginning at such sites as online.

We did find one 1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan, without the extras, advertised recently at Hemmings that read somewhat similar to our sedan for $42,500.

This is no rusted-out heap. This four door, ready to restore 1923 Dodge Brothers Touring Sedan is in inside storage in Middle Tennessee. A private collector for many years, I also have items for sale such as sailboats, real estate (sold), a 1965 Mustang in California, and MG* in Oregon. Retired, I'm sailing or on the road quite a bit, but my partner will continue to add information and pictures as they are developed. Also, we'll add more interesting and (hopefully) helpful links and Dodge photo sites on a regular basis.

Unlike the Dodge "dependability," we are having a bit of trouble with the previously listed addy. If you don't get a prompt reply, please leave a "private" entry in the guestbook and we will get back to you with the e-mail address you leave there.

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